Tagore No Threat To China, Why PUBG A Risk To India Asks Beijing

Tagore No Threat To China, Why PUBG A Risk To India Asks Beijing

On Thursday, Beijing responded to the PUBG ban along with other apps in India. It cited that Tagore and yoga are very popular in Beijing and subtly warned New Delhi not to join the US’ ‘clean network’ programme.

The foreign minister of China said that the popularity of Tagore’s poems and yoga among Chinese citizens did not mean that China looks at these as a threat, unlike the reason India made behind the PUBG ban along with 118 apps.

Commerce ministry of China said that they strongly oppose the banning of Chinese apps in India.

“Indian actions violate the legal interests of Chinese investors and services providers and China asks India to correct its mistakes,” commerce ministry spokesperson Gao Feng said at a briefing.

Gao said that India has treated badly the national security by imposing discriminate restrictions on Chinese companies.
Meanwhile, the Chinese foreign ministry said that neither country should disturb long-term interests because of short-sightedness.

Spokesperson Hua Chunying quoted a line of the poem of Tagore which is very popular in China, “We read the world wrong, and say that it deceives us”.

She said that yoga is also becoming very much popular in China. She added that China does not think that Indian culture or the poems are infiltrating China or they are posing threat to Chinese culture.

She also subtly warned over the ties between India and the US. She added that India is an ancient civilisation with wise people and that India should know what the US has done in Cyber Security.

“We hope India could stay committed to its precious independence decision making.”

Chinese experts have criticised New Delhi’s move to ban the apps.

The director of the Centre for Asia-Pacific Studies Zhao Gancheng said while the apps ban will likely have a limited impact on the Indian economy, the “…ill intentions behind the Indian government’s move to stir up tension and even a conflict with China are increasingly reaching a dangerous level”.


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