Tamil Nadu, Odisha To Seal Borders With Andhra Pradesh, Erect Walls

Tamil Nadu, Odisha To Seal Borders With Andhra Pradesh, Erect Walls

Odisha and Tamil Nadu are two states who have sealed their borders. They have built walls or dug the trenches to prohibit entry from outside. During this hour of crisis, when all states need to work together to fight against the pandemic, civil society has not taken this move by governments of both states in a good way.

This action of sealing their borders will not only disturb the outside communities but the flow of commodities inside the states will also be affected.

Two concrete walls which are three feet wide and have a height of five feet have been built by the district administration of Vellore according to the Times of India. This wall has been built on the road which connects it to Andhra Pradesh. The report further says that this wall will not only hinder traffic to Vellore, famous for its super-specialty medical services, it also blocked movement of at least 10,000 liters of milk to AP. Due to this wall being built, dairy farmers of Vellore now have to take a complicated route.

After a town in Odhisa reported some cases of COVID-19, Odisha, too, has dug up its bordering roads that lead to Andhra Pradesh’s Srikakulam. The trenches which were built were barely noticeable, but it was highlighted when a pregnant woman who has to reach the hospital has to carry a shaft to cross that trench. The video of Savara Vanisri from Althi village has since gone viral on social media.

The government of Andhra Pradesh quickly reacted to this matter and ordered both the states to remove their trenches and demolish their walls in case of medical emergencies across the borders.

Several other states also have sealed off their borders due to the pandemic.

In Northside, Uttar Pradesh has sealed its Ghaziabad and Noida borders with Delhi. Noida administration on Sunday strictly said that only health personnel related to COVID-19 will be allowed to pass by their borders. On Monday it relaxed the order a bit by allowing health professionals to pass through borders for non-emergency medical services as well via Uber.

Haryana has also announced the tightening of its borders.

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