Telangana Reported Reinfection Case After Hong Kong; COVID-19

Telangana Reported Reinfection Case After Hong Kong; COVID-19

Telangana reported two cases of reinfection of COVID-19 on Tuesday. There have been concerns raised against the reinfection cases. As people again testing positive of the infection after getting recovered implies that after recovery of the patient they are not immune to further infections.

Recently, Hong Kong reported 1 new case of reinfection. After Hong Kong, Telangana reported two cases. Effectiveness of the vaccine also comes under doubt after the infected ones once recovered again tested positive of the coronavirus.

Appealing to the public to take adequate precautions, Telangana health minister Etela Rajender said: “There is no guarantee that one will not get re-affected by the coronavirus after getting affected once and recovered. Those who do not develop adequate antibodies may face the risk of getting affected again.”

Speaking to a television channel, the minister said: “As of now, out of one lakh cases, only two persons got tested re-positive.”

The pandemic Covid-19 might reach its peak in the coming few weeks as per the estimation by the minister. It will be flattened by the end of September, the Minister estimated.

Rajender appealed the people to not panic. He said that the mortality rate in Telangana was only 0.7-0.8 per-cent and that more than 99 per-cent of people who got infected were now recovering.

“Only less than 1% of those affected by the virus with comorbidities and those neglecting treatment are facing the risk of mortality,” he said.

Recently, a government official has said that Russia came in touch with the Indian government for collaboration in the manufacturing of COVID vaccine -Sputnik V.

To officially register for the coronavirus vaccine, Russia became the first country to do so. Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin said that one of his daughters was treated with the registered vaccine.

Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in India reached 3.31 M. Out of total confirmed cases, 2.52 infected people have recovered.


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