Times Of India Newspaper, Attached Mask Filter Cloth

On May 9, 2020, the readers of Times Of India in Noida and Ghaziabad woke up to an interesting innovation. The idea was to provide a single-unit mask filter cloth to all households who are reading Times Of India. This amazing innovation is by fortis hospital Noida and imagined by Times Of India and further executed in association with the #maskindia campaign. In the newspaper, the filter cloth was inserted in a purely automated manner. This whole insertion process was contactless done at Times Of India Press.

Special times call for special innovations”

The Zonal Director of Fortis hospital, Noida, Hardeep Singh, said about how committed the Fortis hospital is towards the welfare and safety of their patients as well as society at large. He further said that in an attempt to serve this large society they have joined their hands with the Times of India in the campaign of ‘#maskindia’ thus enabling people to make masks at their homes. He added that being a responsible hospital they are ensuring that they follow all protocols and are adopting all safety measures for their patients and staff. The Zonal Director said that this innovation is an integral part of their multi-pronged approach in the fight against COVID-19 infection.

Times of India with #maskindia have been showing people ways to make masks at their homes and to leave N-95 surgical masks for the nurses and doctors. These homemade masks can be built with the help of T-shirts, bandanas, a sewed face mask, and many more.

According to Times Of India, these homemade masks must be cleaned regularly to avoid germs. Times Of India reported that these masks should be washed in warm water with soap and then must be left under the sun for 5 hours. In case there is no sunlight then it recommended to boil this mask in hot water or a pressure cooker with added salt or the mask can be simply ironed for 5 minutes after washing it. It urged people to keep homemade masks at a clean place like a plastic bag.

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