Trump And China On Covid-19 Vaccine, US Willing To Work With China

Trump And China On Covid-19 Vaccine, US Willing To Work With China

Recently, Donald Trump the President of US said that his administration will work with anybody including China if they are first to produce the vaccine for COVID-19.

On Tuesday, Trump said, “We are willing to work with anybody that’s going to get us a good result.” He said this upon asked if he would be working with China if they are the first to produce the COVID-19 vaccine.

The progress for COVID-19 vaccine is made everywhere including the United States. Donald Trump said, “We’re doing very well with vaccine development and therapeutic development.”

Donald Trump also said a potential vaccine is going to arrive much sooner than expected and become available immediately as the US military will assist in distributing it.

Earlier, Donald Trump, the US’ President said that China delivered the deadly coronavirus. He added that the US is not going to take it lightly. President continuously criticized China’s inability to control the virus within its territory. Trump also warns China that, if this outbreak is done knowingly then China should be ready to face consequences. 

The US remains at the top in the worst-hit country by the coronavirus, following it are Brazil and now India. Before India, Russia stood at the third number in terms of the global coronavirus cases. India remained at 8th position globally in terms of deaths due to the pandemic.

Right now, amid the pandemic, the only positive hope for the coronavirus vaccine is the Oxford University’s coronavirus vaccine. The UK government and AstraZeneca are supporting the coronavirus vaccine development by the Oxford university’s Jenner Institute. AstraZeneca is having the license of Oxford’s potential coronavirus vaccine. UK volunteers injected with the vaccine showed that their body now produces both antibodies and “killer T-cells”. Recently, the Indian firm that is partnering with the coronavirus vaccine development in the UK said that the vaccine trials will soon begin in India as soon as a license is procured.

The first phase trial results were published in The Lancet medical journal. It stated that the vaccine AZD1222 had a positive response and it did not have any serious side effects.


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