Use Of Drone To Parcel Orders Amid Lockdown

Use Of Drone To Parcel Orders Amid Lockdown

The use of the drone to parcel orders can be started by various home delivery agencies due to nation-wide lockdown extended till May 3. Various shipping companies are thinking to partner with startup Wingcopter to develop the best & advanced delivery drones that could fly packages to users autonomously.

As there is a huge surge in demand for home deliveries, as due to nation-wide lockdown people are not able to step out of their home for daily essentials and other important things. As of now, Most of the countries across the world are under nation-wide lockdown to reduce the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

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There are various well build advanced drones that have a fixed-wing design that allows them to travel up to speeds of 150-200km/h, also they have a tilt-rotor mechanism which enables vertical take-off & landing in order to specifically deliver goods to small spaces.

Delivery drones have been developed to deliver medical supplies and parcels of food and have a range of up to 100-120 km.

Use Of Drone To Parcel Orders Amid Lockdown

Tech giants like Amazon and Google, are already using drone deliveries though so far only on a limited scale. Various studies have said that the drone delivery industry is expecting that the drone market will grow to over $50 billion within the next 4 years, with drone deliveries set to be the rapist growing demand within the market.

Drones to monitor public gatherings and ensure social distancing

Drones were first used in Wuhan, China, the focal point of coronavirus pandemic, where UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicles) were used to monitor public gatherings using thermal images besides keeping a hawk’s eye over various crowded places like markets.

Kerala, is among the critically-affected states with coronavirus cases, is using a variety of drones to monitor and deliver various necessary services. Kerala Police has positioned more than 500 drones all over the state since the beginning of the nation-wide lockdown.


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