Video Of Toddler Trying To Wake Up Dead Mother Sparks Outrage

Video Of Toddler Trying To Wake Up Dead Mother Sparks Outrage

Recently, a viral video showing a toddler waking up his dead mother reflects the migrant workers’ plight. The video was of a railway platform in Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

The video showed the child pulling the sheet covering his mother’s body, trying to wake her up.

Arbina Khatoon, a 35-year old woman, died on board the Ahmedabad-Katihar (Bihar) Shramik Special train, on Monday. The body rested on the platform until the ambulance arrived to take it to her home in Katihar district.

The video has been circulating over social media, with some people citing hunger as the reason behind her death, while some said that she was already unwell.

The video shows the child walking up to his mother’s body, tugging at the sheet placed over and covering himself with it. RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav’s aide Sanjay Yadav tweeted the video by saying that this child is unaware that his mother is now dead. The tweet further said that the woman died of thirst and hunger. It further added that the woman has been in the train deprived of food and water for four days. “Who is responsible for these deaths on trains?”, asked the tweet.

Police Say That The Woman In The Video Died Of Pre-illness; Family Denies

While the Railway police say that the woman had a prolonged illness, the family refutes the claim.

The deceased’s brother-in-law told the media that she died after her health abruptly deteriorated, apparently due to hunger and severe heat. However, the Muzaffarpur district administration, as well as the Railways, claimed that she died because of a pre-existing ailment.

As reported by The Quint, Deputy SP, Railway Police, Ramakant Upadhyay told them that Arbina was mentally unstable.

“She was sick. She died even before reaching Muzaffarpur.”

The Quint further reported that when Upadhyay was asked about the details of her health condition, he said, “Special kind of illness, her visa said that she had also undergone treatment for it.”

She died on the way at around 12-12:30, and she reached Muzaffarpur a few hours later, he further said.


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