Vinod Dua Accused Of ‘Misreporting’, FIR Based On BJP’s Complaint

Vinod Dua Accused Of 'Misreporting', FIR Based On BJP's Complaint

Delhi Police’s crime branch has registered an FIR against Vinod Dua. He is a senior journalist and anchor. The FIR made based on a complaint filed by Delhi BJP spokesperson Naveen Kumar.

Dua has been accused of questioning the current government for “fake news marketing” through his show on the YouTube channel HW News. The complaint accused Vinod of calling Prime Minister as a scaremonger.

On June 4, the FIR was filed at the Laxmi Nagar police station of Delhi. The FIR alleged that Vinod is “committing offence of public nuisance, mischief, printing and engraving matters known to be defamatory, intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace, statements conducting to public mischief, etc. and other cognizible offence inter alias offence punishable under various sections of Indian Penal Code and Information Technology Act”.

He has also been accused of using “unparliamentary language” in a Zee News episode aired on March 11, 2020. 

Kumar of Zee News has also accused Dua of not reporting correctly during the Delhi riots. He misreported by questioning the Central government’s role in controlling it, and purportedly “put his word in the mouth of Kapil Mishra (BJP MLA who delivered an inflammatory speech just before the riots took place)”.

“Succinctly speaking, Mr. Vinod Dua reported that the BJP was solely responsible for Delhi riots and Prime Minister and (the) home minister is (are) directly responsible for that. He has make (made) fun of the Prime Minister by using derogatory word as a scaremonger.”

“His (Dua’s) ethics, virtue and integrity are under serious cloud of doubt as he is involved in the scam and business of fake news marketing”.

Kumar tweeted about his complaint on June 5 along with a copy of 5 page FIR.

The Wire reported that Vinod Dua came to know about the FIR after somebody brought his attention to the tweet. “Delhi Police is yet to get in touch with me about the complaint though,” he said as reported by The Wire.


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