Violating Quarantine Orders, 176 FIRs Filed Based On Phone Tracking

Violating Quarantine Orders, 176 FIRs Filed Based On Phone Tracking

Delhi Police has registered 198 FIRs over violation of home quarantine orders and quarantined people were not present at home during physical verification. All the FIRs were filed by Delhi police totally on the basis of complaints requested by neighbors or their family members as well as on the basis of phone tracking.

The health department of Delhi Government has shared Delhi Police the contact details of around 25,000 people, who were supposed to be in-home quarantine. Health Department asked Delhi police to keep a regular watch on their movement, in as per the issued guidelines.

Strict actions have been taken from the government of all states and union territories of the country in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The same step was taken by the CM of NCT Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, along with the lockdown he ordered to trace the people asked for quarantine through their location which proved to be very effective in preventing the people from breaking laws.

Delhi Police filed 176 FIRs

As per the statement of Delhi Police, 517 addresses of people who were put on home quarantine were verified in Shahdara district. During a physical muster, Delhi police found that 11 persons were absent from their homes.

Shahdara DCP D.K. Gupta shared that they have registered a total of nine cases against the people for violating home quarantine guidelines under IPC Section 188 in Shahdara district.

Violating Quarantine Orders, 176 FIRs Filed Based On Phone Tracking

Meanwhile, a total of 35 FIRs had been registered in Dwarka, said another officer. He added that the details of home quarantined people had been passed to the concentred police station. Both physical verification and tracking of their mobile phones were done to get their exact locations of home quarantined persons.

Delhi Poice officer told that they preferred the technical method of identification as physical visit was very hard to implement practically. He added also direct contact of police with the persons can be avoided by technical methods.

Police took inspiration from Singapore and South Korea, which have used the technical verification method to check home quarantine violations. Lt Governor Anil Baijal with Kejriwal, Chief Secretary Vijay Kumar Dev, and Police Commissioner S N Shrivastava jointly took the decision to track movement of 25,429 people.

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News Source: Coronavirus | 176 FIRs in Delhi for violating home quarantine guidelines

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