What Activities Are Allowed In Red, Orange And Green Zones

What Activities Are Allowed In Red, Orange And Green Zones

The Central government has declared an extension for 14 days in the nationwide lockdown amid coronavirus outbreak. However, several relaxations will be permitted as per zones. Check what’s will open & what will remain closed in your respective district.

Red Zones

  • All construction activities in rural areas, including MNREGA works, and brick-kilns are allowed; also, in rural areas, all shops, except in shopping malls are allowed.
  • All farming activities and Animal husbandry activities, e.g., harvesting, procurement, including inland and marine fisheries.
  • All health services will remain functional.
  • The operation of Anganwadis has also been allowed.
  • Public utilities will remain open, and courier and postal services will be permitted to operate.
  • The print and electronic media, IT-enabled services, call centers, and services provided by self-employed persons, except for barbers, etc have been allowed in the Red Zones.
  • Manufacturing units of drugs, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, staggered shifts, and social distancing; will continue to be allowed.
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Orange Zones

  • In the Orange Zones, taxis will be allowed with 1 driver and 1 passenger only, in addition to activities permitted in Red Zone.
  • Inter-district movement of vehicles will be allowed for essential activities only. Four wheeler vehicles will have a max of 2 passengers besides the driver.

What Activities Are Allowed In Red, Orange And Green Zones

Green Zones

  • In the Green Zones, all activities are allowed except the limited no. of activities that are restricted throughout the country, irrespective of the zone.

The Central Government has also permitted e-commerce websites to deliver non-essential items in orange and green zones.

What’s Closed In Lockdown 3.0

Apart from zone-wise probation, there is a list of some activities that will remain restricted all over the country, irrespective of zones.

These include traveling by air, rail, and metro, or any kind of inter-state movement by the road.

The restricted works list which will continue to remain banned during the lockdown also includes running of the school, college, hospitality services, including hotels & restaurants, place of the large gathering, such as movie theatre, malls, gym, complex, all kind of gathering, the religious places for the public. 


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