Wife Of Vikas Dubey: Claims About Rs 500-Crore Property False

Wife Of Vikas Dubey: Claims About Rs 500-Crore Property False

On Thursday, the gangster, Vikas Dubey‘s wife said that her family has now been left in the lurch since the gone of Vikas Dubey. She said that she tried convincing her husband to deviate from the path of the crime.

She said that the accusations made are false and added that it was fake news that her husband has left the family to fend for themselves.

“Today, we terribly needed him. He has left nothing for us. People may say that he has left a property worth Rs 500 crore, but the truth is that I do not have anything,” the gangster’s wife Richa Dubey told a TV news channel.

Upon asked that if his husband has many properties at several places, she said that this news is completely fake. She added that if her husband had crores worth properties, how come his wife would be living in a 1,600 square feet house in Lucknow.

Richa Dubey also claimed that she had tried to convince her husband to leave crime, but he was a man of a different mentality.

The gangster’s wife said that Vikas Dubey was a good husband and also a good father. She added that Vikas wanted to well-educated his children, however, he never came out of his criminal world.

She added that whenever she used to convince her husband to leave the wrong path, her husband used to beat her.

She also claimed that the atmosphere of her in-laws’ place was not very likeable. Her in-laws’ place is in Bikru village. Further, she started living in Lucknow since 2008, to save her children from that atmosphere.

Further, she said, “Had Vikas told me about his plan of killing the policemen, I would have made every effort to stop him.”

Apologising to all the killed policemen wives, Richa Dubey said that if she had a chance she would have become a widow herself and stopped her husband.


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