Will Lockdown gets Extended in India ? Lockdown Update in India

Will Lockdown gets Extended in India

Lockdown in India

Soon after the Janata Curfew which was imposed on 22 March 2020 by our honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi, a 21 days lockdown has also been imposed by him as an action towards preventing the further spread of Coronavirus in the country. All residents of the country are strictly asked to follow the guidelines for this lockdown. A large number of police forces were assigned to take strict actions against the people violating the rules of the lockdown. This is a nationwide lockdown w.e.f. 24 March 2020 till 14 April 2020.

During the announcement for this lockdown, our prime minister did not mention about the shops selling essential goods that they will remain open. This communication gap led to the gathering of a large number of people to collect the daily essential goods at confectionary and grocery shops in different parts of the country. It went against the agenda of the whole lockdown but soon the government announced that shops selling essential goods, hospitals, pharmacy, and emergency services will remain open during the lockdown.

Different ministers of different states have put different rules for the opening of the shops. In Delhi, it was ordered from the chief minister that the rations shops will remain open 24 by 7 while in Uttar Pradesh the shops were ordered to open for some hours during morning and evening.

Will Lockdown get Extended in India ? Lockdown Update in India

When Will Lockdown End

However, the number of COVID 19 Cases are increasing day by day with an increasing rate. The number of cases has crossed 3000 in India which could be more if lockdown was not imposed at an early stage of the coronavirus spread.

But this lockdown has proved to be successful to some extent because the number of cases reported till now could be very high as it were in other developed and developing nations. India has entered its 4th week and there is not that must devastation. As the number of cases is increasing at a higher rate, it is quite difficult to predict what will happen next, Will COVID 19 cases increase or it will not report any further cases.

As of now, according to the official reports, the lockdown will be imposed till 14 of April 2020.

Will Lockdown Gets Extended in India

An image has been gone viral on the internet about the extending of the lockdown in India. It contained that the PM of the country has announced that the lockdown has been extended till 4 May 2020. Dispelling this false report, Rajiv Gauba, the cabinet secretary said that there are no plans for extending the lockdown and it will be imposed till the aforementioned date, that is, 14 April 2020.

According to BCG reports, an American consultancy firm, it is estimated as of March 25, based on predictive modeling leveraging John Hopkins University data with full modeling constraints that India will begin lifting COVID-19 lockdown restrictions only between the fourth week of June and the second week of September. This report has been circulated without context or its authorization.

However, BCG said “We analyze internally and externally gathered data to formulate these scenarios. For this unprecedented pandemic, with its extreme level of uncertainty, BCG does not claim to provide predictions about the duration of lockdown, the peak of viral infections, the efficacy of health systems, or other health and societal impacts.”

Although the report provides estimated key dates of COVID-19 crisis on the following parameters:

  • Status of the countries whether it is fully lockdown or not?
  • Potential lockdown start dates
  • The peak dates for respective countries.
  • Short and long potential lockdown end date.


The BCG data suggests that the India lockdown started in line with China’s timing of the lockdown.

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