Woman Migrant Labour Assaulted, South Delhi Builder Arrested

Woman Migrant Labour Assaulted, South Delhi Builder Arrested

A woman migrant labour along with her family took shelter at a construction site in South Extension Part II, after failure in finding their return train. They wanted to return home to Purnea district in Bihar. At the construction site, their temporary home, a builder assaulted them, telling them to vacate the area.

A public health counsellor who works with WHO and UNICEF and who took the case up with the police, got a case registered and had the builder arrested.

The doctor, Sonali Vaid, told that the builder allegedly assaulted the family. Vaid saw a woman, Meera, crying, who claimed for beaten and kicked by the builder, while her children were around. Sonali Vaid stays three houses from the P-23 South Extension Part II construction site.

The woman said they told, the builder that they were unable to find a train to their district on Tuesday, and had no other place to stay but he continued to abuse them. He then drove away. Next, the workers called the police for help. She said, on Tuesday morning, they were all taken to Chhatarpur station, to catch a train to Bihar. “When we reached, we couldn’t find a train to our district after which police dropped us back here,” she said, adding that her wage of ₹9,500 was also pending with the accused.

Vaid recorded her conversation with the woman labourer, then shared it with her friends through social media.

The builder, identified as Lota Batra came to the site at 4 pm on 19th May. He started kicking the woman and later threw a brick at her, wrote Vaid in a message to her friends.

Woman migrant labour, taken to AIIMS

The woman migrant labour was taken to AIIMS, All India Institute of Medical Sciences for a medical examination, by the police. The police registered an FIR against the builder.

Vaid said that she was neither an activist nor a person who helped migrant workers regularly. Adding further she said that upon intervening, she came to knew the sufferings, of the migrant With no trains to return home, they are even facing violence and oppression, said Vaida.


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