Women Hit By Cops With Lathi, Waited 11 Hour For Ration

In the video went viral, a policeman was seen beating women with lathi who were standing in queue for a long time to collect ration.
A man in the video, wearing a white shirt was also seen pointing at women, signaling them out for thrashing with a lathe.

NDTV reported that according to its sources these women were standing in the queue to take the ration since 5 AM on Friday. However, after this long wait even at 4 PM or 11 hours they did not get their turn to receive their ration.

Disheartened by this long wait, women blamed the ration distributors for distributing rations to “their people” first.
In the video, the policeman is seen walking towards women and, swaying his lathi on one of them after that the policeman, was seen dragging a woman out of the line and, making her leave.

The man who was wearing a white shirt was again seen in the video, pointing to other women in the back of the line after which the policeman goes there and, thrashes them. As per the reports, the man in the white shirt is connected with the ration distributor.
The sub-inspector seen in the video, Saurabh Sharma, has been suspended after an investigation was done, tweeted The Noida Police.

Amid the lockdown, due to the coronavirus, the state government has taken steps to give ration to the poor. Several migrant workers, daily wage workers are jobless as the majority of businesses are shut down. The pressure is piling upon them to provide for themselves, and, their families.

Delhi government has announced the Delhi Corona Sahayata Yojana which is for non-public distribution system ration distribution. In this yojana, e-coupons have been given to the needy, guaranteeing rations of four kilos of rice, 1kg of wheat, 1kg of refined oil, 1kg of chana, 1kg of sugar, 1kg of salt, 200 grams of Haldi powder, 200 grams of dhania powder, 200 grams of chili powder and two 65-70 gram bars of soap.


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