Work From Home May Become New Norm

Work From Home May Become New Norm

During this lockdown due to COVID-19, a disease spread by the coronavirus, “work from home” becomes the new normal.

No one ever imagined that work from home could be globally applied. Many workers wanted this opportunity, but managers and companies used to resist it, but here we are!

Once the companies have collected all the tools to carry out work from home duties, the post-pandemic will not see any change in it. And, this is a good thing as no study ever suggested that working in an office for eight hours a day and five days a week will increase productivity, employee satisfaction or performances. Data for working in office suggests that workers in offices are wasting their time, not engaged in any work and employee underperformance is the most common thing which one can see despite the presence of the management.

Direct costs for office maintenance and construction is also very high.

Estimation by BRE states that the typical company in the United States spends upward of $12,000 per employee per year for office space.

Studies have shown that remote workers are more satisfied, productive and engaged as compared to their office going colleagues.

A recent survey conducted of 8,000 workers by McKinsey’s Global Institute and remote workers accounting to 3,500 by Buffer found that those workers, who are free from going to office daily have higher satisfaction levels and greater productivity.

These results do not surprise at all as working from home diminishes the office politics, time wasted due to commuting.

Yet, work from home was not in trend before the pandemic due to many reasons. People are facing difficulties while working from home like error issues during video-conferences, working at home amidst the home chaos, difficulty in attending meetings online if two people in the same house are on work from home. But, now, work from home has been enforced globally due to health crisis thus letting companies taste a different working way. Work from home has induced flexibility in how offices used to work, by focussing on the quality of work rather than the process behind the work.

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