Wrongfully Identified As Muslim; MP Police Apologised For Beating A Man

On March 23, an incident highlighted in ‘MP’s’ ‘Beul’. A lawyer, Deepak Bundele got beaten up by the state police. Later, police pressured him to remove the made complaint. Bundele wrongfully identified as a Muslim made the police beat him up, said the police.

Bundele was a patient of diabetes and Blood pressure. The Wire reported that Bundele’s illness made him to go to the hospital. Due to the lockdown, the police stopped him. Bundele explained his situation while one police personnel slapped him. Later, the reason behind him beaten up accounted to his beard.

The Wire further wrote that the policeman lost his temper when directed by Bundele to act according to constitutional limits. Later many police officials came and started abusing and beating Bundele, reported The Wire.

The Wire further wrote that when Bundele told police personnel that he is a lawyer then only their beatings were stopped.

On 24 March, he filed a complaint and wrote letters to CM, State’s human right commission, the Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh, High court and top government officials. The Wire told that Bundele did not get a reply for his RTI. Bundele’s lawyer mentioned the possibility of the video, be deleted.

Since then, the police is trying to convince Bundele to withdraw the complaint. Bundele told, as reported by The Wire, that police asked him to withdraw his complain if he and his brother want to pursue law peacefully.

Police Officials Apologised For Wrongfully Identifying The Man

However, Bundele didn’t move. In his March 24 complaint to the SP, he requested the district police to file an FIR against the incident. On that basis, a few police officials came to his house on April 17 to record his version. This is when the police told him that the police officials mistook him for a Muslim because of his beard and wrongfully identified him.

Later police officials apologised for the behaviour towards Bundele. The Wire talked about the audio, recorded between Bundele and police personnel.

As per the video, the police said that the one, a “kattar Hindu”, beat Bundele. Further, the police said that any Muslim who is arrested in Hindu-Muslim riot, that “kattar Hindu” beats him up brutally.


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