Youths Of India Abducted By Chinese Army Released To India

Youths Of India Abducted By Chinese Army Released To India

PLA of China allegedly abducted 5 youths near the McMohan line in Arunachal Pradesh’s Upper Subansiri. On Saturday, these 5 youths were released in Anjaw district.

PLA handed over the youths to the Indian Army.
CM Pema Khandu thanked the Army as well as the Union government on Twitter for securing the return of youths.

“Absolutely glad to know that five of our Arunachali youths have been safely handed over to Indian Army by Chinese PLA. I am wholeheartedly thankful to the (Union) Govt and the Indian Army for their persistent effort in securing their return,” he posted on the microblogging site.

Seven youths went hunting on September 2, out of which 5 were allegedly abducted by the Chinese troops from Sera-7. Sera-7 is an Army patrol zone.

Indian Army engaged the youths as porters who were reported missing by their respected families on social media.

The defence spokesperson, in an official statement, said, “Arunachal Pradesh is known for its rich natural heritage and adventurous people fond of exploring the nature for medicinal herbs and possessing a traditional flair for hunting which involves surviving off the land for weeks in jungles and far-flung remote areas.”

Youths’ family members extended gratitude to the Army and the officials of the State government and the Centre after they came to know about youths’ release.

“The release was arranged in a matter of a few days. I can’t thank the Army, government officials and the PLA enough for their cooperation and goodwill gesture,” Reri Delak Bakar, the brother of Tanu Bakar, said.

Dasanglu Pul, who represents Hayulilang constituency in Anjaw, also said that it was a “welcome move by China”.

In March earlier, a man of 21 years age was abducted by the PLA from the Asapila sector near the McMohan line. However, his two friends managed to escape from being abducted. The abducted man was held captive and was released by the Chinese Army after 19 days.


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